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Welcome Potential On-Line Student.

Our goal is to assist you in achieving your objectives of becoming a successful real estate professional. Here we provide you with course support by giving you access to the wealth of knowledge accrued by Abe Lee in his twenty years of realty experience. Once you enroll you will be able to ask questions directly to Abe Lee by fax or voice mail using a toll free number, and/or the preferred method of e-mail. Your reply will be from an actual person who has traversed the many avenues realty has to offer.

Hawaii On-Line Courses Video Continuing Education Courses

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Video Cost

[Register]     Core A 2017-2018 - Technology: The Good The Bad & The Evil - Instructor: Abe Lee      3     $30
[Register]     Core B 2017-2018 Agency & the Practice of Dual Agency, & Real Estate Legislative Update      3     $30
[Register]     Advanced Issues and Strategies for IRC Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (New 2016)      3     $45
[Register]     Estate Planning and Real Estate (NEW CE COURSE 2017)      3     $45
[Register]     Issues In Representing Foreign Investors      3     $45
[Register]     Judicial System and Real Estate (NEW COURSE 2015)      3     $45
[Register]     Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation      3     $45
[Register]     Money Laundering in The Real Estate Industry      3     $45
[Register]     Navigating the DPP and Tax Web Sites (NEW COURSE 2015)      3     $45
[Register]     Rental Property Management      3     $45
[Register]     Ninja Selling Business Plan (Newly Approved by REC 2017)      6     $90
[Register]     Ninja Selling System Introduction (Newly Approved by REC 2017)      6     $90
[Register]     Ninja Selling Vision Values and Goals (Newly Approved by REC 2017)      6     $90
[Register]     Financial Guide for New Homebuyers      3     $45
[Register]     HUD, VA (Non)Judicial Foreclosures      3     $45
[Register]     Judicial Foreclosure Basics (REC Approved 02/01/2017)      3     $45
[Register]     Mortgages, FNMA, FICO, ETC.      3     $45
[Register]     (NEW 9/16)Beyond Hawaii Land History 101-The Mahele, Cultural Practices & the Bureau of Conveyances      3     $45
[Register]     Communication is the Key (NEW CE CLASS 2016)      3     $45
[Register]     Delivering Value To Your Senior Clients and Their Families      3     $45
[Register]     First Steps to Homeownership      3     $45
[Register]     Introduction to Commercial Real Estate      3     $45
[Register]     Permits, Permits and more Permits Researching Building Permits & 25+ Other Permits Handbook      3     $45
[Register]     Plan Reading & Construction Documentation (New Course 03/2018)      3     $45
[Register]     Sticks Bricks and Steel Understanding Plans & Construction Methods      3     $45
[Register]     Surveys, Termite and Home Inspections: Rats, Roach      3     $45
[Register]     The Condominium Development Process      3     $45
[Register]     Understanding the Land Use Ordinance: C&C of Honolulu      3     $45
[Register]     Zoning-Issues, Problems, Questions, Answers      3     $45
[Register]     Green and EPA      3     $45
[Register]     Green Buildings      3     $45
[Register]     Introduction to Green Movement      3     $45
[Register]     A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Title Insurance      3     $45
[Register]     Escrow, Title and Appraisals      3     $45
[Register]     Understanding The Escrow Process in Real Estate (NEW COURSE 2015)      3     $45
[Register]     Commercial Transactions and Contracts (NEW COURSE 2015)      3     $45
[Register]     How To Write Good Contracts I (New Course 2016)      3     $45
[Register]     How To Write Good Contracts II (New Course 2016)      3     $45
[Register]     How To Write Good Contracts III (New Course 2016)      3     $45
[Register]     AVM's, RVM's and Showing Consumers the Difference (NEW COURSE 2015)      3     $45
[Register]     Cloud Computing And Mobile Technology for The Real Estate Agent      3     $45
[Register]     Computers, Internet and the Licensee      3     $45
[Register]     Intermediate Internet Research      3     $45
[Register]     The Impact of Mobile Technology on Real Estate      3     $45
[Register]     Tools To Manage Your Real Estate Transactions: Zipform Plus(TM), ZiptTms(TM)and Docusign(TM)      3     $45
[Register]     All You Need to Know About the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (REC approved August 2018)      3     $45
[Register]     Tax Issues For Real Estate: Knowledge is Power      3     $45
[Register]     Taxation and Real Estate: Cover Yourself Play Good Defense (REC approved in 2018)      3     $45

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You should review all listed sections to familiarize yourself with what you will be expected to do or have in order to complete these courses successfully. If you have further questions or concerns about any material listed here please do contact Abe Lee Seminars using any method listed below.

Thank you for your interest in improving your abilities.

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